“I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note of congratulations to everyone on a high quality program yesterday, both in terms of speakers and content!  I know my attendees were very impressed and, given that this was my first time attending and participating, so was I!  Yesterday’s experience only reinforced my belief that TEI is a fantastic fit in terms of what we’re seeking in the way COI partners and networking opportunities.  I also appreciated the chance to participate in the Succession Planning workshop so thanks very much for including me. 

I was thrilled to come back to the office today to share my positive reviews and experience with my team and look forward to building upon this event to contribute more heavily to TEI’s success in the future.”

Matt Sallaberry
Moneta Group



“Tuesday’s event was a smashing success on so many fronts. Thank you to all of you for your effort, commitment, and energy to put on a great day. My clients and prospects who attended have been raving about the event. Thank you for your work and dedication to improving the lives of the business leaders we serve.”

Brandon Dempsey

“I heard rave reviews about the last panel presentation on M&A. It was an educational and entertaining format! Thanks for having me. I was impressed with the caliber of attendees and the effort put into the symposium itself by TEI.”

 –  Barrie Dekker
Productive Strategies

“I believe the FORUM is an asset to the cities and its members as I hear many of the comments (from CEOs) after the sessions and all are positive.”

— Jerry Wolman
CEO, 3rd and Long Productions
former owner Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Flyers

“I attended the FORUM last year and had one great take-away; This year I had 2-3 good take-aways! Well done.”

— Tom Salpietra
Eye Lighting International

“Our strategy group forces me to take time to think about my business plan, my action plan, and my company in strategic ways. The guys are characters and I find that the one-on-one sessions add a sense of focus.”

— Warren Zysman
All-Rite Construction Company
Garfield, NJ

“We have been involved in various ventures over the past 10 years, yet this Network is a wealth of new information, as well as bringing the personal perspectives of a highly talented core group together…; no small task.”

 — Dennis Adams
Owner, Photic Corporation


“I was a member of TEI for more than 11 years (from 2005 to 2016) with my previous company, Techcess Group. During those years we signed many customers through referrals and annual events and enjoyed our relationship with TEI and all its members. Following the sale of my company to Konica Minolta/ All Covered I got out of the group and just joined again in September 2018 with my new company, Techcess CyberSecurity Group. After just 3 months and especially following the October event, we signed 2 great customers, which greatly kicked off our company’s business development activities! I am sure we will sign several others in 2019, thanks to all your great networking events and referral relationships. Thanks again for all you do for us!”

– Hugh Sazegar
TechCess Cyber Security

“It was a terrific day yesterday and I was proud to be part of the Metro DC TEI team. I thought we presented well in all the break outs I attended and that the (CEO) guests gained a lot of value from the day.”

– Edward Tuvin
Wells Fargo Bank

“I very much enjoyed participating in the TEI Boston Forum and breakout session concerning Recruiting and Retaining Talent. The morning’s opening remarks were interesting and the Q&A sessions indicated to me the participants’ desire for interactive presentations. The breakout session in which I participated was very interactive and I think the CEOs valued the participation and the opportunity to speak to each other and share ideas just as much as they appreciated hearing from the panel. I know I learned some things from both the panel and participants!”

– Kristin Glennan McGurn
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP

“…It was my delight to meet you this past Wednesday at the TEI chapter meeting. I am excited about my participation with this impressive group. ”

– Cordell Guillory
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“I can not thank you enough for sponsoring this event. All of the speakers were inspirational and your breakout sessions were incredibly valuable. All-in-all it was an intellectually stimulating and thought provoking day.”

— Andrew Sachs
Southern California

“I found the Presidents’ FORUM to be surprisingly enjoyable and thought provoking. Thanks for putting together a program that made me step back and consider the issues facing my business in new ways.”

— Alison Hill
Ford Distributing

“Other CEOs are in a unique position to provide objective, “I’ve been there before” advice and vision that you just can’t get from someone that hasn’t been a CEO. We’ve only been in the CEO Network for a short period of time but we’ve already adjusted our business plan and implemented processes that solved problems and increased sales.”

— Adam Cohen
CEO, Brio Solutions

“I want to thank you for inviting me….It was a wonderful event for me! I made numerous contacts and it was tremendously gratifying!”

— Alan Hoover
CEO, Kahiki foods
Columbus, OH

“It was a pleasure for me to participate in the Network, and I was honored to have been asked. It seems to me from having attended in a prior year and my participation this year that there is definitely a niche being filled by your group…I was impressed by the quality of people involved.”

 — Bolivar Andrews
Owner, Wendy’s
Waco, TX