…attending the Presidents’ Forum and sitting on the Advisory Board has resulted in numerous business opportunities…”


Michael Schnitzler

Benefits of Partnering with TEI

Partnering with The Entrepreneurship Institute is a proven strategy to support client retention and targeted prospecting objectives, while producing new jobs for the community.

As a partner, you get the opportunity to participate with the other advisors to CEOs in your chapter in developing educational/learning and networking events for mid-market and growing younger company founders. Proven programs that are of high value to CEO clients and prospective clients include: The annual Presidents FORUM, TEI Focused Breakfast information series and access to TEI Online, our exclusive online community for business leaders, for 1 year. As an active partner, you will have unique opportunities to:

Go National

Want to tap into an even larger network? Why stop with your local opportunities? Become a national TEI Partner and get access to business leaders from all over the country.

Exchange Referrals

As your relationships with fellow local Partners develop, so will the volume of client referrals and business leads you exchange.

Make Profitable Connections With Business Leaders

Since the Presidents’ Forum is invitation-only you are assured that participants are leaders of rapid growth or mid-market enterprises. That means you can network with 100+ CEOs and qualified potential business leads during the Forum and other local networking events. Your access does not end there. TEI Online allows you to extend these valuable business connections in our exclusive community year round, all the while developing leads to expand your market.

Showcase your expertise

As an expert in your field, you have a lot to offer the business community. TEI gives you an exclusive venue to share your knowledge and ideas with local business leaders by allowing you to post informative articles and instructive video tutorials, or to schedule local events such as workshops and networking meet-ups.