Grow Your Business with a TEI Partnership

The benefits of becoming a TEI partner are numerous, with the biggest benefits being time efficient client development, the acquisition of new clients via referral, the ability to offer value-added programs with meaningful content to your clients and 24/7 outreach to CEOs. One-on-one networking events, knowledge sharing and the open exchange of ideas are just some of the ways we help deliver the benefits AND help CEOs create jobs at the same time. Want to learn more about becoming a local or national partner? Contact us today!

6547 Braemar Ave. North
Noblesville, IN 46062
Phone: 317-727-8800
Gary DeThomas

201 North Illinois St.
Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46244
Phone: 317-383-5471
Kirk Neibuhr
Justin Verbeten
Bryan Wright

8801 River Crossing Blvd.
Suite 160
Indianapolis, IN  46240
Phone: 317-324-4508
Cell: 317-778-7215
PEO/Workforce Optimization
Ed Barshay 
Jesse Jett
Chris Hoover

900 E. 96th Street
Suite 500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-612-0297
Cell: 317-407-2750
Stephanie Ewing
Althea Cooper
Larissa Nanna

One Indiana Square
Suite 3500
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-713-3480
Cell: 317-694-5777
Corporate Law
Ronan Johnson
Brad Schwer

10475 Crosspoint Blvd
Suite 405
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone: 866-335-3735
Cell: 765-623-0251
Performance Marketing
Kelli Malcolm
Marcia Barnes, CEO