Why TEI?

"Our mission is to provide unlimited opportunities for CEOs, presidents and business owners to acquire knowledge, experience and resources needed to grow their firms and create new jobs in their communities. Talented CEOs with experience and know-how give their time to share what works and what doesn't throughout the year at TEI education events; AND Top level professionals with technical and practical solutions serve as Advisory Partners and work with TEI staff year round to make sure the learning and networking programs provide strategies, tactics and solutions that can be applied in any business wishing to grow."  
Jan Zupnick
The Entrepreneurship Institute

Your TEI Online participation is a great value.
Here's why:

Founded in 1976, TEI's primary mission is to provide business owners and professionals with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and access the resources needed to grow their companies and create new jobs in their communities. We are dedicated to meeting the business information and networking needs of presidents and CEOs leading the nation’s small and mid-market companies.

Our learning and networking events, including our annual Presidents’ Forum and The NEEDs based Focused Breakfasts, give TEI Online participants and Partners around the country a chance to share ideas on a one-on-one basis. TEI Online members have access to unique personal Needs Ranking and Business Assessment Tools that enhance overall performance and support hiring decisions. Our exclusive, by-invitation-only online community offers resources such as articles, webinars, videos, and community forums, all of which allow the free exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Our TEI Online Participants learn from each other what works, in a unique peer-to-peer environment, while the knowledge of our Partners helps you tap into expertise that better enables them to lead their companies and achieve sustained growth.

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