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“Last year, for the first time, we had the opportunity to invite several of our 8(a) firms to participate in this unique opportunity where CEOs from numerous companies convene to discuss issues and opportunities pertinent to them. Needless to say, the outcome was a total success!”

J. Adalberto Quijada
Director-Santa Ana District Office
U.S. Small Business Administration


"Our mission at Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company, is to build strong and vibrant communities, improve the quality of life, and make a positive difference where we work and live. Your organization is vital in accomplishing these goals and many others. Wachovia is proud to support your organization’s commitment to the community."

Jay Everette
Community Affairs Manager
Wells Fargo

"This (referring to appended email) is a prospect that I invited to the FORUM, and it looks like it worked as a way to open the door to a relationship with his business"

Tommi Homuth
Business Banking

"For what it’s worth I have been a board member of TEI in Chicago for 20 years and I have found it to be the single best use of my marketing dollars. At the end of the day; it has put me in front of the RIGHT people with CREDIBILITY to build lasting relationships…. Any client I have ever invited who attend (The FORUM), asked to be invited the following year. Some clients have come 3-4 times over the years. Recently I asked a client what was the best thing I did for him to bring value to our relationship and he said, “inviting him to the Presidents FORUM”. He said it built a lot of confidence for him in me because by looking around the room and seeing the other business owners he knew I was working with successful people"

Steven L. Braun
The McTigue Financial Group/Northwestern

"I thought the FORUM was a success and the feedback I had from others confirmed it. It was very well attended and the venue was convenient for most and the setting appropriate. The speakers were a good mix of entrepreneurs and academics. Break-outs were well run, informative and interactive. The flow was very constant and there were very few no-shows."

Peter Munson
Managing Director
Executive Career Services

“Over the years the promotional materials of TEI have encouraged board members to pay the admission charge for their invitees to the Presidents Forum Event. This past year our firm took this encouragement to heart and we paid the way for several of our valued clients. We carefully chose those clients who we felt would both value and benefit from the event. The results surprised me. Not only was our “hit ratio” of invitation to attendance much higher (close to 80%), the appreciation level and feedback from our clients was off the charts. It is hard to quantify, however, we experienced a shift in attitude in these clients toward our firm. The shift is subtle yet profound. Many of our client attendees began to view and treat us differently as if in their minds we moved from being simply a vendor to becoming their trusted advisor. This shift in attitude is worth many times the relatively small admission price.”

“Thanks to TEI for your continued professionalism resulting in a very valuable Forum event and thanks for encouraging us to foot the bill for our valuable clients.”

James Tomforde
Insurance Alliance

“I hand delivered one “paid” invitation (to the Presidents FORUM) over the weekend to a prospective client. He is unable to attend due to a conflict. However, the invitation gave me another opportunity to talk business with him. As a result, I am discussing with him how I can assist his company on a joint venture project he has been approached to undertake.”

Catherine Gryczan
Faegre Baker Daniels

“I very much enjoyed participating in the TEI Boston FORUM and breakout session concerning Recruiting and Retaining Talent. The morning’s opening remarks were interesting and the Q&A sessions indicated to me the participants’ desire for interactive presentations. The breakout session in which I participated was VERY interactive and I think the participation CEOs valued the opportunity to speak to each other and share ideas just as much as they appreciated hearing from the panel. I know I learned some things from both the panel and participants! “

Kristin Glennan McGurn
Seyarth Shaw

(message from an invited client)

“This was so thoughtful. I’m so upset I can’t attend. I’m out of town, but I will make a point of attending in the future. I will also let Greencrest know how HONORED I felt to be included in the FORUM invitation list.

Mark DeBellis

“Thank you. Yesterday, Steve visited with and obtained the client he met at the Forum….He is very excited. The client said he was sold based on Steve’s presentation at the breakout session….”

Eddie Snyder
Snyder Cohn CPAs

“Just got a referral from George and Eric (fellow sponsors)”

Eddie Snyder

“The idea worked well and was clearly perceived as a value-add by those who received them (hosted invitations). We’ve been able to use them as a good prospecting tool with business owners who aren’t yet clients.”

Andy Cullen
LooperReed & McGraw

“The forum exceeded my expectations. Speakers were superb, venue was primo, TEI team was well organized, and the attendees and board members were first class….Thanks to you and your team for putting on such a good show.

Terry Sabom
LooperReed & McGraw

“Participation in the Entrepreneurship Board has been our largest source of new business for the past several years. I have mentioned this to you in passing, and included it in my presentation to the Chicago board earlier this month.”

 “…Two of those customers have led through referrals to chains of new clients.”

 “…Each of those companies is a client; the last one in the chain will purchase $100M to  $500M from us this year….”

Phillip Krone
Productive Strategies

“I wanted to let you know that we just had the TEI conference and it was a tremendous success… My partner and I generated 14 new opportunities from the one day conference. I can say that everyone I met was open to sitting down with us to discuss he we can be a resource to them personally and their company….We are looking forward to staying involved and would appreciate MassMutual’s support.

Blair Enfield
Capstone Financial

“This year, the $195 attendance fee will be pre-paid for clients with fees collected in excess of  xxxxx  for the first half of 2006, as well as certain prospects.”


“I just wanted to let you know that our guests and the other members of my firm that attended the FORUM were very positive about the event. They were impressed with the speakers and the breakout sessions. I wish that more of our invitees had been able to attend. We will certainly try harder next year to bring more of our clients to the event.

Jane Pfeifer
Clark, Schaefer & Hackett & Co

"..Wanted to pass on the brief comment we received from one of our clients who attended the forum last week. We feel it was a good investment in our client/prospect relationships, especially when looking at the satisfaction level of those attendees that were sponsored compared to those that were not."

Lawrence O’Connor, Jr.
Butler Business Accelerator

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