The not-for-profit Entrepreneurship Institute’s TEI Online is an educational program dedicated to providing you with unlimited opportunities to acquire the knowledge, experience and resources you need to achieve your growth plans. Dues for twelve months are only $300.00 and they are tax deductible.  


Benefits include:

  • Access to proprietary business performance tools that will help you examine your company’s performance, focus your attention on strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions on actions to enhance profit. No tool takes longer than 15 minutes to complete and the assessment is delivered immediately.  
  • On line CEO networking both locally and nationally to share ideas and achieve personal and company growth 24/7 without leaving the office. 
  • Automatic invitations to Face to Face learning and networking with CEO peers who have “been there”. Including TEI’s focused CEO breakfasts, on-line collaborations, and business intelligence reporting created by TEI to respond to your highest priority issues.
  • Ability to quickly identify top level resources (i.e. partner, EVP, managing director) in banking, law, accounting, technology, marketing or other external professions that are part of TEI’s trusted advisory network.     
  • Access to hundreds of valuable webcasts presented by Presidents and CEOs and recorded at our Presidents’ Forums nationwide. 
  • Flexibility to control your own web content and promote your organization.
  • An annual pass to attend our invitation-only Presidents’ Forum without cost in your area.    

Since 1976, participation in this exclusive club of business owners and CEOs has been by invitation only. We welcome the opportunity to review your application. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours regarding your eligibility and next steps. And don't worry—we won't share this information with anyone or use it for any other purpose than to review your eligibility.

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